Antibiotic Cell
Vital statistics
Type Medicine
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Size Unknown
Role Destroying the bacteria that had invaded the repairing tibia

Antibiotic is a name for supporting characters who made their first and only appearance in The Bones and Skeleton.

Appearance Edit

Antibiotics take appearance on planes/mosquitos. They are colored in blue, have two side wings and one back wing. Each wing has a white stripe. Their bodies are circular. They have long, beak shaped noses which they poke the designated targets with.

Role Edit

The role of Antibiotics in the series was to prevent the ongoing diplococcus invasion after Peter broke his leg. Maestro inserted them in his leg using a syringe. Once the Antibiotics reached their destination, they searched for bacteria and destroyed them.

Biology Edit

  • Antibiotics are a common type of antimicrobial drugs used in treatment and prevention of bacterial infections.
  • Antibiotics aren't effective against viruses — they only work against living organisms, hence being named antibiotics.
  • Antibiotics, while used as a general medicine, are also used in soap and disinfectants.
  • There can be side-effects if the usage of antibiotics damages intestinal flora, assaulting Escherichia coli in process. They can also cause allergic reactions at some people.