Antibody Cell
Metro, the leader of Antibodies.
Vital statistics
Type Protein molecules
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Size 10 nm
Role Recognizing the intruders, thus neutralizing them and helping the White Blood Cells in the process
Antibodies (specifically Antibody Parachuters) are special units in the order of body sentinels. Their job is to identify and neutralize pathogens, thus informing any nearby police units.

Appearance Edit

Antibodies take appearance and work similar to mosquitoes. They have medium-sized, football-shaped bodies with flat tops of their heads with a pair of antennae. They possess two pairs of wings and two legs. While the normal Antibodies lack arms and have a narrow golden collar, Metro has a pair of arms with yellow gloves, a wider golden collar and a communicator under his front right wing.

Personality Edit

Antibodies are ready for combat at any time to protect the body from whatever may try to hurt it. This was highly shown in episode Breathing where Metro was really eager to immediately attack the group of incoming bacteria at tonsils.

Function Edit

Antibodies are commonly located within Lymphocites B. Until they are needed, they stay in a storage box located under the driver's seat. When the driver initiates their landing, the door to the box opens and they jump out in a swarm (described to be about 2000 per second in The Body's Sentinels) towards the target.

Each Antibody swarm in human body can react to one type of enemy they are assigned to. Once the enemy is identified, Antibodies attack them in a swarm, disabling them from causing any more damage. Asides from giving time for the reinforcements to arrive, the enemy can easily be knocked out by a sufficient group of Antibodies.

Metro Edit



Metro is the leader of Antibody Parachuters, always eager to help and save the body or any place with an ongoing infection from disaster. In The Body's Sentinels, he explained to the young Lymphocites that he is programmed to react to Influenza C virus. He distinguishes from other Antibodies by having a pair of arms with yellow gloves (seen in specific scenes) and also by a wider golden collar than the other Antibodies have.

Biology Edit

  • Antibodies, also known as immunoglobulins, are large, Y-shaped proteins created by plasma cells (mainly) that deal with pathogens to neutralize them.
  • Antibodies have a pair of antigen-binding sites which they use to register the intruders.
    • In Once Upon a Time... Life the antigen-binding sites could be the antennae of Antibodies.