Macrophage Cell
Vital statistics
Type White blood cells
Age Several months
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Size around 20μm
Role Body's cleaning service and high reinforcements
Marcophages are a type of body sentinels. They present the largest and the most unique police units in human body with a role to clean a designated area or to give extra aid in combat.

Appearance Edit

A Macrophage is a three-wheeled, frog-resembling white corpuscle. It is symmetrical in structure, yellow in color with white stripes surrounding "eyes", connecting at the upper jaw and are connected to their side wheels. All three wheels are black and have white cover plates. Macrophages can open and close their mouth to ingest any dirt particle, toxin, waste particle and similar. At first glance, it appears that a Macrophage is a peculiar-looking self-operating unit, but it's later revealed that the "eyes" are canopies for the drivers that control the vehicle.

Function Edit

Macrophages normally patrol the bloodstream, but usually work when called for a cleaning action (often by Lieutenant Jumbo) or extra aid in combat against germs.

Macrophages are able to devour any type of intruders, regardless of whether or not is it a toxin, debris, dirt/dust particle or a bacterium/virus. They can open and close their mouth to perform phagocytosis and are the largest body sentinels, including Phagocytes.

Biology Edit


A macrophage extending its pseudopodia to devour the antigen.

  • Macrophages are the largest types of white blood cells and their purpose is to, just like in the show, to digest cellular debris, foreign substances, microbes and anything else that does not have the type of proteins specific to healthy body cells on its surface.
  • The name comes from Greek makros (large) and phagein (eat), which, when bound together, mean "big eaters".
  • Macrophages take various forms (with various names) throughout the body, but all are part of the mononuclear phagocyte system.
  • Macrophages have extremely ameboid bodies and are able to create pseudopodia to catch the prey.
    • Possible example of this ability was when in The Digestion when Marcophages were able to pull the escaping salmonella bacteria out of the villi tissue and swallow them.