The Cell Planet
Episode 1
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Czech Title Planeta Buněk
Original (French) Title Planète Cells
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The Cell Planet is episode 1 of Once Upon a Time... Life. This episode talks about the cells in your body and their function.


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The episode begins with a scene dating billions of years ago (similar to the beginning of Once Upon a Time... Man), back when cells and bacteria were the only lifeforms on earth. After a 4 or 5 minute documentary on the human brain, for more information see The Brain. After this scene is over, the Enzymes appear for the first time, showing how
Mr. Enzyme

The Enzyme after the huge wind.

DNA is made in a cell. While working with DNA, a huge wind storms through the cell, causing both the Enzyme and the DNA to blow away and the DNA to separate. So, the Enzyme must fix the problem. He succeeds, but the wind blows again, causing him to lose his hat.

After this scene, the screen turns into a scene with Red Core Muscles carrying Oxygen walking around the cells the Enzymes live in to get their Carbon Dioxide. Globin wonders if it is possible to get in the cell. Professor Globus tells her they are cells but don't have a nucleus and don't drink juice like the other cells do. She peeks into the cell scaring the Enzyme carrying the Carbon Dioxide in a vehicle, causing him to spill the Carbon Dioxide all over her. An Enzyme gives some Nutrients a tour of the cell.

Some time later, some viruses come along and tell the Enzyme peeking out of the cell door that they want to come in. The Enzyme, not knowing they are viruses, leaves the door open and gets killed by the Viruses. This causing another Enzyme to kill the viruses themselves while driving them in a vehicle that looks similar to the vehicle the other Enzyme (could possibly be the same one) was carrying the Nutrients on the tour.

While Maestro's helpers where inspecting the body's actions while he was sleeping, then he wakes up, inspects a couple things, then tells a yellow character (official name needed, please) to awaken the X Chromosomes to go to the Duplication Room. In the Duplication Room, the Enzymes accidentally let the DNA leave the cell, causing an alarm to sound in Maestro's ear, making him found out the DNA left the cell. This makes him angry, then the Enzymes are called idiots for a monstrosity they created, Maestro forces them to fix it, which they do, but it leaves the cell a second time.


  • This is the only episode to feature no humans.
  • The Golgi Bodies were a part of the cell that was not mentioned in this episode. They were only mentioned in The Blood.


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